Ts & Cs

A plain english summary of our Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and how you can expect us to use your data. [updated 17/11/19]


We only collect the data we need to safely organise a fell race, and tell you about the race.  Basically;
  • we take our role as guardians of your data very seriously, we use industry standard or better technology to keep your data safe,
  • we enable you to pay by using a payment processor that directly collects your financial information, but only tells us whether or not you have paid,
  • we use your email address to communicate with you about the race, and optionally about future races,
  • we hold your name and address details, because we need them to organise the race by FRA rules,
  • we keep hold of your name and address details after the race to make entering subsequent races easier for you,
  • if you want us to delete your data for any reason, please get in touch at race@baslowbolt.com and we'll do it,
  • in the very unlikely event that we suffer a data breach, we'll take all reasonable steps to let you know as soon as possible.

This is explained further on our Privacy Policy page.


We don't set loads of cookies!  Basically;
  • we do set some cookies in your browser, only in order for you to be able to manage your entries in the race,
  • we do not have any cookies that are set by third parties for analytics, or ad tracking,
  • unfortunately we don't have control over the cookies that our payment providers set, we're looking into making this as minimal as possible,
  • if we change the above, we'll let you know on this page.

Terms OF USe

We have a very standard set of terms of use.  Basically;
  • you agree to use this site as it is,
  • if something is broken, we'll try and fix it; but we're not required to, except in the cases covered by our privacy and data use policy above,
  • we don't accept liability for your use of the website, except where we break any UK laws.

This is explained in dreary detail on our Terms of Use page.