This page details our privacy policy. [updated 14/11/19]


We take our responsibility as guardians of your data very seriously.  As such we use industry standard encryption and security measures to ensure your data is safe.

We collect only the information that we need to to organise the fell race, and take our guidelines from the FRA (Fell Running Association).


We hold your name, address, phone and emergency contact details, because we are required to do so by our FRA License.  

We expect you to get permission from anyone whose data you are entering, if it's not your own.

We will hold this data for the sole purpose of making your use of the website easier, ie. if you choose to run in a subsequent race organised by us, it'll be easier for you!

You can request that we delete your data at any time, and we'll be happy to do so.  Just email us at
It may be that removing your data will prevent us from being able to fulfil our service to you, we trust you are able to live with that!


We do not store, or even hold, any of your financial data at any time.  Our payment processor Braintree manages this by establishing a connection between their servers and your web browser when payment is being made.

Our servers only receive notification of the state of a transaction, and we cannot directly view any of your financial information; just whether or not the payment was successful


We encrypt all communication using industry standard SSL.  We maintain good security practice with respect to access to our servers and web services.  All access to servers is via SSH keys.  We keep our software up to date.

In the very unlikely event of a data breach, we will take all necessary steps to inform all parties concerned as soon as is technically and practically feasible.