Practical advice

Here are a few observations and tips to help you to get the most out of your experience in running the Baslow Bolt.

In late November in the Peak District it is often wet and muddy. It is also likely to be on the chilly side; but not too chilly. With this is mind, here are a few tips:
  • Embrace the fact that you will get wet and you will get muddy; especially your feet and lower legs. 
    • Don't wear your favourite new shoes, if you have a suitable old backup pair.
    • If you're not planning on wearing leggings, just shorts, consider wearing compression socks, to avoid chafing.   
  • Please wear proper trail or fell running shoes. Ideally, these will have reasonably long studs to cope with the slippery mud.
  • Bring some warm dry clothes, incl. socks and shoes, to change into after you have finished racing. 

Although we have advised being prepared to run with full FRA kit, this is not mandatory for this medium distance race. So, we suggest the following:
  • A long sleeved base layer, and either another long sleeved or else a short sleeved top over it.
  • A thin showerproof running jacket. This will help with the initial chill, but you'll probably want to unzip it early into the run. 
  • A buff, to be worn either around your neck or as a hat (and as a face cover at the start and finish). You'll probably want to remove this though, as the first climb will soon warm you up.
  • A pair of running gloves, to take the edge off. If these are fairly thin, you're likely to want to keep them on.
  • A whistle, just in case you do take a tumble, so a nearby Marshall (there will be many of them) can come and find you. 

Above all, run with a smile on your face. Running through mud and puddles is fun. Embrace your inner child and just laugh, your way around!